Laura and Mike

My family has been vacationing in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands for the past twenty years. I always wanted to get married there. So, when the time finally came, there was no doubt in my mind that St. Thomas would be the place to get married. We invited only family and close friends, about thirty people, to this three day event. In addition to our quaint, intimate wedding in St. Thomas, we also decided to have a celebration in New York with about 300 friends and family.
While interviewing for our photographer, we looked for flexibility, reliability, uniqueness, willingness to travel (and work with our crazy guests), and, most important, photographers that could take a typical, everyday scene and capture it in a way that takes your breath away. Alan and Jose from Déjà Vu Studios did just that.
Since we were so familiar with St. Thomas, we decided to use some of the less obvious areas of the island for our photographs. Our engagement shoot was done the day before the wedding on one of the beautiful beaches of St. Thomas. As we traveled from the beach to the church for the rehearsal, Alan and Jose would ask the taxi driver to pull over because there were exquisite overlooks that created backdrops for some of our photographs. While we were rehearsing at the church, they were familiarizing themselves with the surroundings of the church for the next day. Even at the rehearsal dinner, Alan and Jose took pictures of our friends and family and took us for another round of the engagement shoot. They saw simple things, such as a row boat, and turned it into a spectacular photograph. They used the lightning of the marina to create images that captured the beauty of the area.
Alan and Jose documented every important part of our day, and so much more. As we were getting ready, they worked hard to capture the feelings and expressions of excitement that we felt. They even came in the cars with us to the church.  After the church, we ventured through the capital of Charlotte Amalie, where we visited jewelry stores, walked through the cobble stone side roads, posed by fountains and benches, and even found a taxi with heart shaped windows. At sunset, we visited one of the local beaches where Alan and Jose directed us to pose near palm trees and the water. Then we headed to The Old Stone Farmhouse for our reception dinner. Here, Alan and Jose used the décor of the restaurant to create photographs that had a completely different feel from earlier in the day. They used the wine cellar to create a feeling of passion. They used the curve of the stairs to create a feeling of romance in the photographs.
In New York, we decided to have our pictures taken in our backyard. Yet again, Alan and Jose were able to use the surroundings to create amazing photographs. Using items and scenery that were important to us, the photographs that they took were a true reflection of our lives. Photographs were taken of Mike, his father, and brother incorporating trucks used in the family business. Photographs from inside our home showed the importance of Christmas and family. Alan and Jose used natural light to capture the colors and shadows of the barn and farm in the background. They used various angles and lines to enhance the views of the farm. We even used horses in some of the pictures.
The photo journalistic talent that Alan and Jose have is incredible. Every time we look at our wedding pictures or video, it takes our breath away. The celebration was documented so thoroughly and vividly. The important aspects of our lives were captured. Alan and Jose used their talent and our personalities to create photographs that are a true expression of who are as we began our life together.


Elizabeth & Carlos

Carlos and I met almost 12 years ago, when I came back from collage for the summer to work at my father’s manufacturing company. Who knew that that summer would change our lives as Carlos was hired a few months earlier and little did I know that when I started he had made it his mission to get me to go out to lunch with him. It didn’t take long to accomplish since he was always making me laugh and smile. And so began our adventure it only took 11 years for him to pop the question but when he did it was worth the wait. As we sat on a row in the middle of central park I couldn’t help but cry as he asked me to marry him, it was the perfect proposal better them I could have imagined. Of course we began planning ASAP as it had already been 11 years, the first thing we did was look for a reception location this didn’t take long either I knew what I wanted something private, beautiful, grand and different. The minute we drove down the Bourne Mansion driveway between the beautiful arched trees to the grand entrance gate we were sold. It was just what I imagined our own mansion with a grand ballroom and an old world style. After booking as I read a Bride magazine I saw a photo spread on the bourn mansion with the most beautiful pictures I read the caption listing Déjà vu Studios as the photographer and called them immediately. To our delight everyone there was excellent to work with and when I said I wanted the photographer who took the pictures in the magazine they booked us with him immediately. The day of our Wedding July 28th 2012 was the most wonderful day of our lives I couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out we had the time of our lives and memories that will never be forgotten, to make sure of that Déjà vu captured every moment with beautiful exciting photographs. Our photographers had wonderful ideas that made for amazing shots, one shot on the windowsill of the mansion was just extraordinary it now hangs in our dining room and is a topic of conversation with every new visitor. The whole experience was amazing, Déjà Vu along with other fabulous vendor helped make the day more then we could have dreamed, we thank them all!

Nikki & Jason

My husband Jason and I have been together for 7 years, married for 3 months. We met when we were 18, fresh out of high school. The story of how we met is quite funny, people never believe it. We actually met driving. We were both stopped at a light and caught eye. I was with a friend who used to work with him so we both pulled over and she introduced us. We have been together ever since. Jason proposed to me after 5 years and it was the most magical moment ever. The planning started right away. We were unsure of where to get married until we went to check out Deja Vu Studios for our pictures and they had this amazing picture of a bride and groom in a beautiful ballroom hung on their wall. It was Floral Terrace, in Floral Park. We went the day after to look at it and fell in love as soon as we walked in. They just had this classic romantic feel to it and thats exactly what we were looking for. We met with Frank, the manager, who was just amazing and so accomodating. He gave us a complete tour of the hall and went over everything they had to offer. The rest of the staff was very friendly as well. Our wedding day was unforgettable. It was just a wonderful day shared with so many people we love. I wouldn’t have changed a thing and we definitely owe a big thanks to all our amazing vendors!